NRG Fender Washer Kits

Eibach Pro-Kit for 2023+ Acura Integra Type S
Part# E10-201-006-0222
F= x.x" R= x.x"
NRG Innovations 8mm Fender Washers (8pk)
Eibach 23-24 Acura Integra Type S FWD Sportline Spring Kit
Part# E20-201-006-02-22
F= 1.2" R= 1.0"
Fender Washer Kit, Set of 10, Thin washers Titanium burn with real titanium bolts, Rivets for plastic applications.

Fender Washer Kit, Set of 10, M style, Titanium burn washer with stainless bolt, Rivets for plastic.