BLOX Racing rear lower control arms (LCA) are manufactured from forged AL6061, and are designed as direct replacements for the weaker, factory components.

These extremely strong LCA's help reduce the overall weight of the vehicle’s rear suspension and increase its responsive.  These light weight units keep the geometry of the factory suspension intact.

BLOX Billet Lower Control Arms (Polyurethane Bushings)

BLOX Racing Part #BXSS-21203 & BXSS-21204

BLOX Billet Lower Control Arms (Spherical Bearings)

BLOX Racing Part #BXSS-22203 & BXSS-22204

BLOX Rear Lower Control Arm FRS/86/BRZ/WRX/STI

BLOX Racing Part# BXSS-50010
BLOX Racing’s rear LCAs feature multiple mounting locations for the rear knuckle, shock and sway bar end link. The design also allows for more rear camber adjustment for vehicles that have been lowered beyond that factory’s adjustment range and capabilities.

BLOX Racing Replacement Front LCA Honda CRX/ EF Civic

BLOX Racing Part# BXSS-20401
BLOX Racing Replacement Front Lower Control Arms for 88-91 Honda Civic/CRX.
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