Transmission Kits

K-Series RSX 02-04 OEM Final Drive Set

This is a brand new OEM Genuine Final Drive Set for the 02-04 RSX Transmission. This is a direct replacement for the Stock RSX TYPE S or Base Model. Please Select If this is a 6-Speed Type S or a 5-Speed Base Model.

B-Series Differential Ball Bearing Set

This parts will fit Honda and Acura B series Transmissions 1990-2001 including Integra Cable, GSR (92-93), B17A, JDM YS1 (Integra XSI/RSI), Integra LS, B16 Hydro, 1999-2000 Civic Si.

This Item comes with Two Bearings

B- Series Type R Differential Bearing Set "Upgrade"

This is the OEM Tapered Style Differential Bearing found in the early B-Series Transmission models, specifically GSR/Type R models.

NOTE: This item is only for 1 Differential Bearing, the application calls for two.

B- Series Type R Differential Bearing Set "Upgrade"

This is an upgrade from the original tapered style differential bearings that are found in some early Type R and GSR transmissions. When installing these bearings, you can discard the two preload shims that came with your original Tapered Bearing set and use the complimentary shim provided to you with this purchase.

B-Series ITR 4.7 Final Drive Kit

B-Series ITR 4.7 Final Drive Kit

Great for track or street, this will lower your final drive. The lower final drive gives you the advantage for Drag and Circuit racing with more lower end power thus instantly improving acceleration. This kit can also be purchased in individual pieces.

Honda / Acura B-Series Release Fork

Genuine Honda / Acura Integra Oem transmission Release fork.

Honda D-Series Release Fork

Genuine Honda Oem Honda D-Series Sohc release fork. Pt# P20

Hybrid Racing Detent Honda K-Series transmission Springs

Hybrid Racing Part# DTS-01-03
• More than 80% stiffer spring rate than stock.
• Stronger springs offer direct gear engagement
• Black Zinc Chromate plated for durability
• Suitable for all cars (street and race)
• Combine with gear selector springs for amazing shifts

LS 5th Gear Set for the Integra LS B-Series

This is a used OEM 5th Gear Set for the Acura Integra LS Transmission. This is a direct replacement for the 5th Gears on the 94-01 Integra LS Transmission's. This set is also a popular gear swap for the GSR transmissions, since it is a longer gear it is commonly swapped with the GSR fifth gears to be your cruising gear.
All GearSpeed Transmission Kits are Special Order and are not Returnable