Established in 2003, Circuit Hero manufacturers and carries original goods concentrated on spirited driving. Using race-bred knowledge, Circuit Hero focuses on producing racing parts with unique designs. We take pride in our own products and only produce and sell products we believe in and use on our own cars. All Circuit Hero products are designed in the United States and we ensure that the highest manufacturing standards are met.

Whether you use car for road racing, drag racing, or daily driving: Circuit Hero welcomes anyone with a racing spirit to enjoy our products.

Circuit Hero - Rare goods for competition spirits.

Circuit Hero V2 Steering Wheel Hub Adapter

The Circuit Hero billet steering wheel hub is machined out of a single solid piece of 6061-T6 aluminum. There was no shortcuts in the creation of this hub. At 3" tall, hubs will still work great with quick-releases or hub extenders. This will be the easiest steering hub you will ever install on your car!
Part# CH-SWH

Circuit Hero Steering Wheel Quick Release

Circuit Hero Part# CH-SWHQ-BK
-Compatible with 6-hole steering wheel hub kits.
-Diameter: 3.3 inches
-Height: 2.5 inches
-Momo pattern
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Circuit Hero Laser Grip Type-B Shift Knob

Circuit Hero Part# CH-TD
-81mm tall
-44mm diameter tapering down to 22mm
-15.7mm Coutersink Depth
-Laser Grip for precision shifting
-CNC billet stainless steel
-Machined or polished finish
-Heavy 440 grams/ 15 oz counter weighted

Circuit Hero Shift Plate

Circuit Hero Part Numbers: CH-SP-EG, CH-SP-EK, CH-SP-DC

Circuit Hero Oil Cap

Circuit Hero oil caps are offered in either CNC-machined high quality billet aluminum in anodized black, and for the ultimate enthusiast, Grade 5 Titanium in raw finish.

Circuit Hero Type-A Shift Knob

The Original Circuit Hero Type-A shift knob is a weighted spherical ergonomic shape that feels natural to shift. Our new V2 version has been slightly modified for better looks and brand recognition we all appreciate. We have added CNC-Machined Circuit Hero flag at the very top and laser engraved our logo at the base.

Circuit Hero Spark Plug Cover

The Circuit Hero spark plug covers have a "race inspired" look and are made from aluminum with dimple die cut-outs for maximum weight loss.

Circuit Hero 2 Point Rear Strut Tower Bar (Civic EF/EG/EK, Integra DA/DC)

Circuit Hero Part# CH-RSB-EGK
Fitment: Honda Civic EF/EG/EK, Acura Integra DA/DC 2 Point Design.

Circuit Hero 2 Point Front Strut Tower Bar (EG/EK/DC2/S2000)

Circuit Hero Part# CH-2FSB
2 Point Design. Our strut bars are designed with two horizontal steel bars tying each shock tower together. Bars are then welded together with no pivoting parts for maximum chassis rigidity. This will stop your car from flexing during track events as well as during casual spirited driving.

Circuit Hero 3 Point Strut Bar

Circuit Hero Part # CH-3FSB-EGK
- Honda Civic EG/EK, Acura Integra DC

Circuit Hero Brake Reservoir Cover

Circuit Hero Part# CH-RC-B

Reservoir Cover Features:
Embroidered Circuit Hero Flag Logo
100% Cotton
Great Fit
Sold Individually

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Circuit Hero Coil Cover hardware kit

Replacement hardware kits for Circuit Hero Coil Covers. These kits are complete according to your application and include unique Circuit Hero Genuine Parts brushed metallic decal.

Full Part Numbers:


Circuit Hero Rear Tow Hook

Circuit Hero Part # CH-TH
The Circuit Hero rear tow hook extension is designed to mount to the factory tow hook for easier access. Built on a clean and functional design this tow hook features a raw brushed finish and is made from 6061 billet aluminum. Includes premium grade mounting hardware.

Circuit Hero Valved Radiator Cap

Circuit Hero high pressure radiator cap uses a 1.3 kgf/cm² spring to increase your coolant/antifreeze boiling point and protect your engine.
Part# CH-RCA

Circuit Hero Cooling Plate

The Circuit Hero Cooling Plate covers unwanted holes between the front bumper and the radiator. This then keeps cool air directed at the radiator for maximum cooling. The panel is made from lightweight aluminum and then powder coated in a wrinkle black finish.

Circuit Hero K-Series Oil Pan Baffle

The Circuit Hero Bolt-in K Series Oil Pan Baffle is a unique product that easily installs between the OEM Wind-age Tray and Oil Pan Floor. The baffle extends deep into the oil pan, dividing the sump into three sections, with the largest section surrounding the oil pumps pickup. The dividers section off the sump so as to keep oil from moving aggressively from one side of the pan to the other during hard corning. The open top design still allows adequate return oil flow to the pan. The design is simple and effective... it keeps the pickup submerged longer during aggressive driving.
Circuit Hero Part Number: CH-OPB-K
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Circuit Hero Horn Button

Circuit Hero Part# CH-UHB-001
Universal horn button. Original old school Circuit Hero from 15 years ago. Rich vibrant colors with reflective foil logo. Fits most aftermarket steering wheels with 52-58mm opening.
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Circuit Hero Billet K-Series Oil Pan Baffle

Circuit Hero Part# CH-BOPB-K
The Circuit Hero Billet K-Series Oil Pan Baffle is a unique product that easily installs on the oil pan floor and keeps oil nearby the oil sump arm preventing oil starvation and protecting engine components. Oil flows freely by utilizing five (5) doors and is designed to keep the engine lubricated during hard acceleration, cornering, and braking.
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Circuit Hero 350mm Slotted 3 Spoke Deep Dish Steering Wheel

Circuit Hero Part# CH-SW01
Circuit Hero Steering Wheels are designed using high quality materials and leather/suede for improved grip and control. Our steering wheels offer a sportier look and feel for more spirited driving. 
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Circuit Hero 350mm 3 Spoke Deep Dish Steering Wheel with Holes

Circuit Hero Part# CH-SW02
Circuit Hero Steering Wheels are designed using high quality materials and leather/suede for improved grip and control. Our steering wheels offer a sportier look and feel for more spirited driving.
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