Subframe Brace/ Chassis Reinforcement


Beaks Gold Rear Lower Arm Bar (EK)

The Beaks subframe tie-bar design provides excellent rigidity and is lightweight. This promotion is available for 96-00 Honda Civic.

Skunk2 Phi Fifty Rear Lower Arm Bar

Skunk2’s Phi Fifty Rear Lower Arm Bar is designed to tie the vehicle at its rear suspension points, resulting in reduced chassis distortion and increased rigidity during hard cornering and aggressive driving. The results are improved handling performance.

Progress Tech 96-00 Honda Civic Rear Sway Bar (22mm - Adjustable)

Progress Technology Part# 62.1042

Private Label MFG Crossbar (x-bar) EK9/DC2/EG6/S13

Private Label MFG Crossbars utilizes the c-pillar and strut points to decrease body flex during hard cornering, while adding a stylish look to your vehicle.  We have maximized four critical points of the chassis to one stress point while retaining the vehicles rear seats. The improvement is undeniable, You'll feel the difference instantly when installed for maximum rigidity.