Fluidyne 97-99 Prelude and 94-97 Accord High Performance Radiator for Honda (M/T)

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Fitment: Honda 94-97 Accord and 97-99 Prelude
FLUIDYNE Radiator Part # FHP11-94ACC

Part Number: FHP11-94ACC
Core Size: 28.94W x 15.0H x 1.5D
Core Style: 1-row with 1.5 inch tubes
Overall Size: 29.13W x 19.94H x 2.0D
Special Notes: Includes universal 11 inch fan attached to passenger side. Re-use original driver’s side fan. No A/T cooler.

Replacing your stock Honda radiator with our highly polished, all-aluminum radiator will enhance your Honda engine compartment and score points with the judges or ... whoever!

Whether your Honda look is chromed, anodized or color-matched, our radiators will make the view under your Honda hood "Racey and High-Tech."

100% Brazed Aluminum Core (No Epoxy Joints)
High Efficiency Air Fins
Polished Aluminum Tanks
Brackets, Hoses and Fittings All Meet OE Honda Fit-Up