Nissan 350Z 2003-06 NHS4201b DC Sports 3-1 Headers

DC Sports
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Stainless Steel Header (Brushed Finish)

The increase of V6 applications in the sport compact market provided an opportunity to design V-engine headers, and DC Sports responded with its 3-into-1 header designs. You will not find a 3-into-1 header system that fits as perfectly or performs as well as DC Sports’ offerings. DC Sports dyno tests them to ensure they outperform all comparable header systems on the market. DC Sports 3-into-1 header systems are precision bent on our CNC mandrel benders using data acquired from our non-contact digitizing scanner. The flange mating surface is machine-grinded to ensure a leak-free seal and attached to the header pipes with a robotic welder. DC Sports state-of-the-art manufacturing process ensures superior quality and a perfect fit with every header system they make. DC Sports 3-into-1headers are available in 304-stainless steel, and in mild steel with a proprietary temperature- and corrosion-resistant ceramic coating. Once mild-steel systems are completed in manufacturing, they are subjected to a thermal degrease and a preliminary sandblast to prepare the header’s surface for coating adhesion. Every ceramic-coated system is hand-painted to ensure an even application of coating. After verifying the proper thickness of the coating, the header is cured for proper bonding of the ceramic coating and then fine-blasted for a high-luster finish.

Dyno tuned and tested against the competition for maximum performance
3-into-1 design emphasizes a broad increase in power across RPM range for street/track applications
50 state legal or pending legality
Available in 100% 304 brushed or polished stainless steel (including flanges), or mild steel with ceramic coating
CNC mandrel bends with robotically-welded fittings deliver perfect fit
Equal length primary piping ensures optimum tuning for more power across rpm range
Unique merge collector design ensures smooth exhaust gas flow
Comprehensive installation instructions, all necessary hardware and decals included