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Pro-Billet Honda Distributors

Finally, a performance distributor for Honda and Acura engines! This all new Pro-Billet Distributor is designed for the popular Honda/Acura JDM/USDM 1.6/1.7/1.8L B-Series DOHC VTEC Engine platform.
The Pro-Billet Distributor is designed for performance from the inside-out starting with a precise billet aluminum housing. Inside this strong new housing is a ball bearing guide for high rpm stability. Hall effect pickup assemblies are used to improve trigger signals and are also compatible with the factory ECU.
The Distributor uses a small external ignition module that creates a much higher energy spark to the all new Blaster SC coil. This inductive spark also has longer spark duration and even fires multiple times at lower rpm. This increased
spark output improves combustion resulting in improved performance through the entire rpm range.

Distributor, '92-'95 Acura Integra/Honda JDM B16A, w/external module (8488)